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RosterManager is all in one web based and client server solution that simplifies employeerostering, invoicing and roster publishing.

Out solution is currently used by many Australian companies


Timesheet Manager is a web based time tracking and billing application that helps companies to manage their timesheet and billing  requirements.

About WorkTimeManager

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Invoice clients with custom rates for each site and service.

Convert roster hours into actionable invoices.

Client Invoicing

Manage your employee work schedule in multiple sites, publish your roster Through  SMS, emails and mobile APP.

Cloud solution to manage your employee time spent on sites, projects, tasks/activities

Mobile time attendance. Track when and where your staff punch for shifts. Track employee time and location easily, from anywhere.

Client Invoicing


Use Drag & Drop for copy and moving shifts

Select from many professional invoice templates.

Manage and track employee certification.

Create your rosters for  weeks or months in advance

Avoid conflicts & prevent double booking

Quickly fill a shift or find a substitute

Staff view roster online and publish roster to all employees by SMS and email.

Generate all your client invoices with one mouse click.

Define different billing structure for every site

Generate weekly, fortnightly and monthly invoices.

Protect your data and lock your roster. Control users and their access levels.

Get alerted for  security licenses and certification expiry.

Ensure no guard is rostered without required skills & certifications

Set daily, weekly & shifts maximum work hours for your guards

Control and manage employee training and inductions.


Generate invoices based on hours worked per customer/task/activity. Allocate different rates for different sites and different tasks/activities per site.


These features are ideal for security , labour hire, cleaning, contractors, project management, home care, and consulting etc.



Roster is displayed and managed in clear modern, intuitive calendar format.

Creating staff shift schedule is simple and fast with our interactive interface.


Create, copy and move shift using  Drag & Drop.



Eliminate the time and cost associated with phone calls. Publish your guards roster with SMS or Email

Let your guards view their roster online, from any where using their mobile.






Manage employee records and maintain employee information in one central database


Collect, retain and organize training records and certifications to warn of critical recertification dates,  manage important employee assets and reduce compliance & legal risks

Define & set rules for your  work roster and get alerted when exceeding the rules.


Manage employee training, inductions and get alerts for certifications expiry. Get alerted for double booking.

You manage multiple sites, then RosterManager can save you even more time.

Track and view the site's roster easily and painlessly. Identify site or organization training requirements and track contract compliance specifications.



intelligent Warning System

WorkTimeManager Solutions

•Powerful easy to use , intuitive roster

•Publish your roster  with SMS & E-mail

•Bill & invoice your clients

•Manage employees certifications and training    

•Get alerted for licenses expiry

•Know instantly where the employees are assigned.

• Employees view their roster online.


What can RosterManager do for you?

Our system automates your day to day operations for you - keeping your operating costs as low as possible and that you are in compliance with employee legislation and health and safety requirements.

All in one software solution for your company operations

Many Australian companies trust RosterManager to help manage their  Operations

Schedualled shifts allocated to the staff will be automatically sent to the web based Timesheet app when integrated with RosterManager.

System will compare and Highlight the difference between roster & timesheet hours.

Break away from maintaining rosters in time consuming spreadsheets. RosterManager is the easiest and fastest way to build employees roster. Our simple to use designer makes building a roster painless.



Record a wide variety of HR related data. Set preferred days, contact details, pay rates & banking details. Assign leave  & qualifications. Even personalize employees with a photo & send a direct message.

With just a few clicks send a roster to one employee, selected employees, or everyone on the roster. Even receive responses and send general messages. Sending is a breeze.

Never miss a shift. Guards have no more excuses. These notifications are sent out to staff as emails or text messages. Shift reminders  also sent to staff before their shifts start.

Integrate with a web based timesheet

Employee Rostering

You concentrate on your business and RosterManage will handle your day to day optioations

Powerful easy to use solutions for your operations

Payroll integration into MYOB and Keypay helps businesses reduce hours of payroll to just minutes. It's that easy.


Reduce payroll stress. Create & manger payroll categories

Eliminate data entry & payroll error

Choose RosterManager when Microsoft Excel isn't enough...


When you want to share your roster through Email and SMS...

RosterManager instantly improves capabilities by automating your manual process.

Our clients tell us often that they couldn’t manage all of their sites without it.

RosterManager is a powerful staff rostering, timesheet and invoicing solution, yet  extremely easy to use with intuitive features. 

Cloud online solution that helps you to manage your job applicants and candidates.

Easily capture your employee timesheet data for accurate payroll processing and labor law compliance. Compare roster with timeshet.

Web Based Timesheet

Operations & Management

Improve productivity, reduce costs, and manage your workforce more effectively by automating internal processes through web and desktop technology                                                                                      

Employees access shift schedule and timesheets from any computer or mobile device.

Full web access from remote sites, home office or mobile devices.            

Employee Portal

Payroll Integration To MYOB & KeyPay