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RosterManager is all in one web based and client server solution that simplifies employeerostering, invoicing and roster publishing.

Out solution is currently used by many Australian companies


Timesheet Manager is a web based time tracking and billing application that helps companies to manage their timesheet and billing  requirements.

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RosterManager gives you a single system  for managing your employeeHR records. It simplifies your job by putting all of the information you need to plan, report, and execute on HR responsibilities at your fingertips. From reports to document management and historical information

Employee Details & Compliance

View, store and print all your employees documents & certificates in one central repositry.

View, email and print detailed assignments and work history.

Categorize your employees and Link every employee to a job title, employment type and divisions.

Manage employee training & inductions.                  

Stay Compliant

Drag & Drop

No need to go through piles of papers and documents. Save time and money!

Scan, store, print and view all your employee documents, certification, license and any other qualifications.



Manage Employee Training & Inductions

Eliminate wasted time, resources and money  in managing your organization’s employee training program through spreadsheets. Use RosterManager to manage and track your employees training and induction records with ease using  single centerlized system.

Prevent double bookings

Roster Features

Products Shortcuts

Scan, Store and Manage Employee Documents

Record and manage your employees qualification and license expiry.

Manage employee vacations, time off and holidays.

Reduce training administration costs while ensuring your employees have the right and up-to-date competencies and qualifications to work safely and productively

Human Resource Management

Details regarding each employee to be managed are captured and maintained in RosterManager  These details include

Identification details

Employee training & induction records.                  

Certifications records alongs side start and expiry dates          

Daily  and weekly work limites          

Working days & availabilty