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RosterManager is all in one web based and client server solution that simplifies employeerostering, invoicing and roster publishing.

Out solution is currently used by many Australian companies


Timesheet Manager is a web based time tracking and billing application that helps companies to manage their timesheet and billing  requirements.

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Is ClickTime App Tracking My Location?

Yes, but only while you are clocked in and your company enabled this feature.

When is My Location Being Tracked?

Your locations are only tracked when you are on the clock. GPS is turned off when you are on a break or have clocked out

So I’m Not Tracked When I’m Off the Clock?

Exactly right. Where you go on your own time is your business. This is one of the reasons your company chose ClockShark. We value your privacy and only want to make work easier.

GPS Monitoring & Traking is a feature in ClickTime Mobile Attendance used to track and monitor  location information a few times an hour. This information gets recorded – but ONLY when people are clocked in. Even with GPS Track on, your location data is not saved if you’re clocked out.

What is GPS Monitoring & Tracking?

What is GPS GeoFence?

Geofencing is the use of the Global Positioning System (GPS) to create virtual boundaries around a location or job site.

Like GPS Traking, GPS GeoFencing is an optional feature in ClickTime Mobile Attendance.


If enabled, GPS GeoFencing ensure employees clock in from the right job sites and monitors your location so when you get to a job site, the app reminds you to clock in. You get another notification when you leave a job site reminding you to clock out.

How Does This Affect My Battery and Data Usage?

ClickTime Mobile Attendance gets GPS data in the background and doesn’t run complicated software at the same time. So while it does use some power to get a GPS location, with ClickTime Mobile, it’s much less than other apps.  ClickTIme developers work hard to keep resource use small without sacrificing the quality of the service.


ClickTime Mobile’s Geo fencing technology monitors in the background but does not continuously send and receive data so there is no continuous drain.  A quick check of your battery performance will show that the app typically uses less battery than your email, Facebook or other popular apps.

FAQS on ClickTime  GPS Tracking

Simply the answer is NO. Your privacy is one of our primary concerns.  

Under no circumstances will we ever track your search history, view your communications, store your personal information, or in any way at all violate your privacy.  ClickTime Mobile Attendance app does not know if you send a text message, log into Facebook, check your bank account, make an online purchase, surf the web or play a game.  ClickTime app is only capable of capturing time and GPS location.   It is a tool to track time and verify location when you take a work related action.

Do we monitor your activity on your phone or collect any data from it

How Can Geofencing Help Your Business?

For security, cleaning, construction businesses and other industries where employees are frequently working at different locations, it can be nearly impossible to keep track of whether or not employees were at work at the hours reflected on their timesheets.


With ClickTime GPS-enabled time clock app, you can create geofences around your job sites. Then, when employees clock in or out, their time stamp will be flagged as either on-site or off-site.


Now you’ll know which, if any, employees are repeatedly punching in or out before they have arrived at work, or after they have left for the day.