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RosterManager is all in one web based and client server solution that simplifies employeerostering, invoicing and roster publishing.

Out solution is currently used by many Australian companies


Timesheet Manager is a web based time tracking and billing application that helps companies to manage their timesheet and billing  requirements.

About WorkTimeManager

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About WorkTimeManager

Stop Wondering When and Where Your Employees Worked.

Security, cleaning, construction and field service companies want to get rid of paper time sheets and track time accurately. ClickTime Mobile, let you track time, location and activies during the shift .

Schedule your employees

Using the easy drag and drop scheduler you can quickly schedule your employees for work. They’ll get the schedule updates instantly on their mobile device.


With the location updates feature, you can also get updates on where employees are throughout the entir shift.


Now you don't have to wonder if everyone is where they are supposed to be when they are clocking in for work.


GPS technology

With Group Clocking, a supervisor can easily clock in and out for team members that don’t have smart phones or forgot to clock in or out

Group Clocking Feature

Mobile apps are available for iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows Mobile. You can login to the web-based administration dashboard from any computer from anywhere.



Works across all devices

24/7 Time Tracking

Log in from anywhere and get a quick view of who is clocked in and working.

No Expensive Equipment

Nothing to buy, install or set up. Employees can clock in and from any computer or even their own smartphones.

Lateness and Absence

Monitor which employees are late, abasent —​ and which aren’t.

Eliminate early , late Clock-in or Clock out by specifying a time window when employees can Clock in/out.

Time Clocking Lockouts

Record exact clock in and out times with  photo timeclock. Use real-time image capture and a photo audit trail.

Shift Photo Timeclock


Track clock-in and clock-out in real-time - specify the authorized locations where staff is permitted to clock-in - easily edit hours worked, approve shifts, and track labor hours in you budget.

Are you running a security, cleaning, construction, catering or other type of business ?  


Staff can clock in and out using their smart phone. The staff's GPS location will be attached to each clock in and out so you can so you can rest assured your staff are at their designated work place.

All recorded clock in/out  are instantly at your desktop for your approval. Differences between 'rostered' and 'recorded' are highlighted, and edits can be made before they are 'authorised' for payroll

Check and approve staff time quickly

Missed Clocks / No Shows

No expensive hardware. Use an iPad or Android tablet to get your terminal set up in seconds. If you don't have a tablet, you can use any computer as your terminal.

Live Who is in  Dashboard

View the punch clock dashboard from your mobile

See employee's GPS location as they clock in or out

Measure employee reliability and performance

Time & Attendance Software and Time Clocks. We help you collect, manage and process your employee time with simplicity, surety and speed

Our time clock can see the schedule. Clock into your assigned shifts, or clock-in against  ad-hoc UnScheduled shifts.

Clock Into Shifts

Location Based Reminders

Notify employees to clock in/out when they enter and leave a job site.

Punch the clock from anywhere

Time Clocks for Everyone

Clock In Reminders

Clock With GPS Geo Fencing

Every employee already owns a time clock, just have them download the ClickTime Mobile app. Clock in/out as employees attend to assigned shifts or Adhoc jobs.

Employees will get notifed if they forgot to clock in, and if they still haven't clocked in after a few minutes you will get notified as well. You'll always know that your workforce is running smooth.

Restrict where employees can and cannot clock in and out from. By setting a geographical Geo Fencing for the job site, employees are only allowed to clock in or out from the specified GPS location.

Eliminate schedule-related attendance excuses. Employee has 24/7 access to schedules and shift changes in real time.

Worried about buddy clocking or time theft? Let our photo capture biometric ease your concern. ClickTime Mobile, takes a snapshot photo at clock-in/clock-out, verifying that the appropriate staff are clocking in and on time

Eliminate Time Theft

Easily see which employees have not showed up, clocked in late/early, or are clocked in but not scheduled. Start focusing on your real business.

Employees clock in from any phone or web browser

Customizable Alerts

Compare time with timesheet. Resolve any timesheet errors. You can clock other employees in/out, adjust timeshseets and approve or reject timesheet records.

iPhone and Android users will be reminded by the punch prompt alerts, reminding them to clock in and out upon entering and leaving their jobsites

Track Employee Location & Activty

Punch Promt Alert

Supervisor will recieve alert when:





Receive notifications when employees are early, late

Eliminate buddy punching with employee photo verification

Each employee clocks in and out with  the front-facing camera of any smartphone or tablet to snap a photo

Never wonder if  employee were really on-site on time. Confirm employees are clocking in and out at the job site using GPS powered geofences that you set for each location or job site

GPS & Geofences

Employees can view thier roster for the week

Employee dose not clock -in for the shift


Employee dose not show up for the shift

Employee Leaves the job site.

Employee has not logged activities during the shift.


Employee Clocked out early or forgot to clock out

You can easily manage employee scheduling and monitor their attendance across multiple locations - while your employees can clock in/out via their smartphones on the go.

Scheduling & Time Clocking Software

Designed for hourly employees


Track when and where your staff punch for shifts. Define late and no-show alerts so you can be proactive in responding to last-minute coverage gaps.

Mobile Time & Attendance

Inefficient timekeeping costs too much.

Start saving now

It's all about time!

View real-time GPS locations of your entire remote workforce.

GPS Tracking

Send immediate alerts to the monitoring center or company head quarter via SMS or Email

Real Time Alerts

Remote Management

Eliminate the need of physical presence in staff's territory

Managers can customize special alerts to help them monitor employee activity. Alerts can be set to either send an email, Push Notification or SMS when certain events occur. For example, notify managers when an employee clocks in late, clocks out early, or doesn't clock in at all

Compare & Resolve


Labour Hire

Delivery & Distribution


Construction & Trades

Health Care


ClickTime mobile attendance is a field service management software that can be used across many industries

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